Cage Fighter

You are a Cage Fighter competing to be the ultimate champion. Each player starts as a new fighter and trains their character to fight by learning skills, doing missions, competing against others and entering the Championship Competition. Compete against your friends and other cage fighters to become the ultimate cage fighter.

Playable on MocoSpace and AirG. Also available in the Amazon App Store.

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Happy Farm


Happy Farm is a social game where players create their own farm, plant, tend and harvest crops, sell produce and even trade produce with their neighbors. Seasonal crops and specialty fertilizers make sure competition is high and the game is engaging and fun year round. Compatible with WAP and HTML5 mobile browsers.

Playable on MocoSpace, Qeep and AirG.



True Night

True Night is a social game where players start off as a newly converted vampire.  Players must quickly learn how to survive in the Vampire World.  Survival means creating their own clan of friends, collecting ancient Vampire Artifacts and learning to live in the human world by acquiring strength, skills and powers.

Playable on MocoSpace and AirG. Also available in the Amazon App Store.

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Hot Streak


Hot Streak is an opinion trivia game with no right answer - only the most popular answer wins! Designed by 3 Donkeys, the brains behind Magic: The Gathering and developed by New Game Town, Hot Streak is an HTML5 game currently available on the MocoSpace platform.


Happy Land


Happy Land is a new offering from New Game Town that works as an extension to our popular title Happy Farm. Play the standalone game, or link your Farm, Ranch and Town to play both games in unison!

Happy Land is playable on MocoSpace and AirG.